How does the water service work?

We have two water plans available for your convenience:

Essential Plan ($150/semester or $250/two semesters)

7 24-water bottle packs over course of the semester

Executive Plan ($250/semester or $450/two semesters)

14 24-water bottle packs over course of the semester



  1. Choose from one of our two plans and sign-up here.
  2. Specify your information here so your service is seamless and effortless.
  3. Await the arrival of water straight to your door on your service date!

Can I change my regular pick up day permanently?

Yes! You can change it by sending an email to matt@psafirstservices.com or by giving us a call at (215) 898-6815. Make sure to specify your name, regular pick up day and new pick up day.

What are service days?

Drinks are delivered Monday through Thursday. We do not make deliveries on any other days.

When does the service start?

Service commences on Wednesday, January 13 (the first day of classes). For more information for the rest of the semester, please consult the service schedule.

I haven’t received my water yet and it is already 8 PM on my service date, what do I do?

Contact Matt (matt@psafirstservices.com) to see if either you were not scheduled for a water delivery or if it was missed due to unforeseen circumstances. We’ll rectify the problem if there is one and get water to you immediately!

Will my water be safe outside my door?

Yes!  firstServices offers a very safe and secure water service. Just make sure you do not leave the water out overnight and instead, retrieve it shortly after we’ve delivered it.

What about fraternities/sororities/off campus housing? Can you deliver to my house?

Yes.  However, access to your residence’s front door must be provided in order for us to deliver your water. Specify this information in the comment box at the bottom of the registration page. We cannot arrange special times for drop-off as this creates great disturbances in our operations.

How far do you deliver off campus?

We deliver within University City up to 41st street.

What brand of water do you sell?

Our vendor is Deer Park for both the 24-packs and 3-gallon jugs.

How many ounces are in the 24-pack?

They are your standard 16.9 oz water bottle!

Will I be provided with a water dispenser if I get the Eco-friendly plan?

Yes! You will receive a hot and cold tabletop dispenser along with your first delivery. If you do not plan on returning at the end of the semester, we will collect the dispenser.

I’m not sure If I want a plan; do you offer 24-packs and 3-gallon jugs separately?

Yes. You can purchase 24-packs individually! The cost is $19.99 per 24-pack and $12.99 per 3-gallon jug. You can purchase them from the form under the Water Registration tab above.