How does the laundry service work?

Laundry Plans:

Essential Plan: One pick-up every week

Executive Plan: Two pick-ups every week



  1. Select one of our plans and sign-up here.
  2. Await the arrival of a laundry bag to your door before the service begins.
  3. Fill laundry bag with dirty laundry; make sure the bag can close!
  4. Leave laundry outside your door on your service date before 10:00 AM to be picked up by firstServices.
  5. Your washed & folded laundry will be returned to your door the following day after 4:00 PM

* If you miss your pick-up, simply request to reschedule your pick-up here.

By signing up for our service, you agree to our Customer Service Agreement.


Can I change my regular pick up day permanently?

Yes! You can change it by filling out this form or by sending an email to lincoln@psafirstservices.com or by giving us a call at (215) 898-6815. Make sure to specify your name, regular pick up day and desired new pick up day.


What are the service days?

Pick-up days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Drop-off days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday


When does the service start?

Service commences on Wednesday, January 11th (the first day of classes). We will not have pick ups Monday, January 16th due to Martin Luther King, Jr. Day so if your laundry is usually picked up on Monday you may want to reschedule.


When does the service end?

The final pickup is on Tuesday, April 25th, and the final drop off is on Wednesday, April 26th.


Do I need to separate my laundry?

If you would like your whites and colors to be washed separately, you must put the whites in a plastic bag and put this bag inside your laundry bag with the rest of the colors. Our laundry vendor will not separate the laundry unless this is done and you leave a large note inside your bag specifying that you would like them to be washed separately.


How much laundry can I wash at once?

As much as you want within reason! Each bag is designed to hold a maximum of 27 lbs of laundry and should close easily to ensure no clothing items are lost! If there is too much laundry in the bag (i.e. the bag can not close completely), we will not pick up the bag. So make sure your bag closes completely!


How do I get my laundry bag?

We will deliver your bag to your room before your service starts. If your old bag is worn out request a new one here.


I have items that require special care, is this a problem?

No problem! Simply write a note to let us know and attach it to the item of clothing.


I forgot to leave my laundry outside before 10:00 AM on my scheduled day, what do I do?

No problem! If you forgot to leave your bag outside your door, request a rescheduled laundry pick-up here. To ensure quality service, please try to reschedule a missed pick up only once a week at maximum.

Alternatively, if you really need your laundry that day, you can call Penn Student Agencies at (215) 898-6815 and see what they can do to help. More than likely, you will be allowed to drop off your laundry as long as it is before 2:30 pm.


Will my laundry be safe outside my door?

Yes!  firstServices is the safest laundry service in University City. We are the only service that can enter college houses for true door-to-door delivery service. In the many years firstServices has been in operation, we have not had laundry stolen from a dormitory.


But what happens if something does get lost or stolen?

Then we would do everything in our power to make things right! We haven’t had to use it, but we have a Clothing Reimbursement Schedule as part of our Customer Service Agreement just in case; firstServices insures lost or damaged clothing up to $300 per bag.


What about fraternities/sororities/off campus housing? Can you deliver to my house?

Yes.  However, access to your residence’s front door must be provided in order for us to safely pick-up and deliver your laundry. Specify this information in the comment box at the bottom of the registration page. We cannot arrange special times for pick-ups or drop-off as this creates great disturbances in our operations.


How far do you deliver off campus?

We deliver within University City up to 43rd street.


I’m not sure I want a plan; do you offer one-time laundry services?

Yes.  We also offer a Pay-As-You-Go service (drop-offs). Purchase a firstServices laundry bag for $10. Then, load up your bag with dirty laundry and bring it into the PSA Store located at 117 Williams Hall before 3 PM on any service date. We will wash & fold the laundry and it will be available for pick-up after 5 PM the following day. The cost is $1.99 per lb of laundry.