How to get Service in 6 steps:

1.Register for the service by filling out this form: https://secure.www.upenn.edu/vpul/psa/forms/firstservices/
2.Receive Confirmation Email, Dry Cleaning Bag, and Dry Cleaning Schedule in the week before the service begins
3.Once service starts, simply fill out the pickup form here before 10:00 PM on the day prior to your selected service day: http://www.psafirstservices.com/dry-cleaning/dry-cleaning-pickup-request/
4.Leave your items outside your door in your firstServices Dry Cleaning Bag before 10:00 AM; they should be picked up before 2:30 PM.
5.Your Dry Cleaned items will be dropped off at your door on the following service day between 4:00 PM and 9:00 PM
6.Your Balance will be deducted by the cost of your Dry Cleaning; if your balance gets too low, simply buy additional credits at: https://secure.www.upenn.edu/vpul/psa/forms/firstservices/

By using our service, you agree to our Customer Service Agreement.


Basic Information:

Pick ups: 10 AM-2:30 PM
  Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.
– Submit your pickup request before 10 PM on the night before the pickup
– e.g. submit a pickup request on Tuesday before 10 PM for a Wednesday Pickup.
   – If it is later than that time we will simply pick it up on the next pickup day.


Drop offs: 4-9 PM 
  Wednesdays, Fridays, and Mondays.
-For the safety of your items, please make sure they are in the provided firstServices bag; we will not pick them up otherwise. Then place the items outside your door as close to the pickup time slot as possible.
–  Monday pick ups are dropped off on Wednesday
Wednesday pick ups are dropped off on Friday
Thursday pick ups are dropped on Monday
You will forfeit any unused Dry Cleaning credit at the end of the academic year


Self Serve:

-If you would like to drop it off yourself, please go to 117 Williams hall and alert the Quaker Corner Customer Service Representative that you are a dry cleaning customer. They will put a special tag on your bag.
-If you would like to pick up yourself, please indicate this in the pickup form and let us know when you will be picking it up.


Customer Service Issues:

-To check your balance, simply email roger@psafirstservices.com with the subject line “Name, Balance Inquiry”
-Any other concerns can either go through that email address or call the PSA store at 215-898-6815



Additional Questions:
When does your service start and end?
We begin our services on January 11th.
The last day to have your dry cleaning picked up is on April 24th, and it will be returned the following Wednesday.

How does the Pricing work?

You simply purchase an allowance to start. Whenever you are serviced, the cost of your items is deducted from your balance. If you ever need more in your allowance, you may purchase them in increments as low as $50. The costs of each type of item can be seen here: http://www.psafirstservices.com/dry-cleaning/dry-cleaning-pricing/

Can I bursar this Service?

You sure can!

How much clothing can I have dry-cleaned?

As much as you can stuff your dry-cleaning bag! Just make sure the bag zips easily so no clothing items are lost. Keep in mind you are charged per item and not per bag.

How do I get my dry-cleaning bag?

If you are a dry-cleaning customer, we will deliver your bag to your room before classes start on Wednesday, January 11 (if you do not receive a bag, please email roger@psafirstservices.com!) Otherwise or if you sign up for dry-cleaning later on in the semester, we will deliver your bag to your room on our next available service date.

I have items that require special care, is this a problem?

No problem! Simply write a note to let us know and attach it to the item of clothing.

My dry cleaning bag is ripping/the zipper is broken.

Simply email roger@psafirstservices.com about your issue and we will have it replaced ASAP.

Will my dry-cleaning be safe outside my door?

Yes!  firstServices is the safest dry-cleaning service in University City. We are the only service that can enter college houses for true door-to-door delivery service. In the many years firstServices has been in operation, we have not had dry-cleaning stolen from any dorm.

What about fraternities/sororities/off campus housing? Can you deliver to my house?

Because we cannot ensure the safety of your items off campus we usually do not allow these kind of requests. If you are willing to provide us with a key or access to your building we can offer you service. Please email roger@psafirstservices.com for specific questions. Specify this information in the comment box at the bottom of the registration page. We cannot arrange special times for pick-ups or drop-off as this creates great disturbances in our operations.

I received a staple in my shirt. What’s going on?

It is dry cleaning protocol for facilities to tag your item with a number. The tag will be found on an inside tag, or if that is not possible, on another location that does not damage your clothing.

My shirt came back stained?

We document any stains or damages to your items before we clean them, and will notify you of any preexisting damages. There is no process during dry cleaning that should stain your item. However, if you believe this is the case for your item, please reach out to roger@psafirstservices.com

within the first 48 hours. Please refer to the terms of service in regards to filing a claim.

Will my credits rollover to the next academic year?

No, your credits are only effective for the current academic year. Any remaining credits at the end of the academic year will be forfeited.

Where can I find the terms of service?

Click on the registration form and scroll to the very bottom!